Services We Offer

Our services include line marking, line removal, resin surfacing and anti-skid surfacing, for domestic, commercial and local authority clients.

1st Call Road Markings

1st Call Road Markings caters for domestic, commercial and industrial clients as well as local authorities in the North West area manly covering Lancashire and Cumbria areas. With many years experience in road marking services we can guarantee you:


A quick turnaround


A fast response


A high standard of workmanship


A superb level of after service care

Road Markings

Road markings consists of various lines such as centre line markings, lane line markings, yellow lines, double yellow lines, stop junctions, give way junctions, zebra crossings traffic calming routs, school zig zag lines, speed symbols, roundabouts, directional arrows etc.

Car Park Markings

We do many various car parks, various sizes we set out all the car parking area, mark out where all the lines are going to go to be able to get maximum car parking spaces available, we also do parent and child logo’s, disabled logo’s, give way junctions, car parking bay numbers, car parking bay letters, directional arrows, pedestrian logo’s, zebra crossings, hatched area’s and roundabouts etc.

Factory Markings

Health and Safety plays a big part in today’s society and we aim to provide the most effective way of meeting requirements that are essential to keep factory personnel safe at their place of work. Safe walkways, hatched areas, fork lift truck routes and lorry bays are just some of the methods used to achieve this.

Line Removal

We are able to remove all existing line markings by means of hot compressed air and also a petrol driven scabbling machine for when lines are no longer required.

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If you are looking to upgrade your existing markings or applying new layouts then we are here to help. Please get in touch today to discuss our services further.

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